About Us

Kalpavrikshalaya is a dream seed that has been sown with an intention of creating a learning centre where children would love to come, explore ,experiment and evolve . we firmly believe ,a well prepared environment with caring people facilitating children to explore,experiment and discover empowers a child to construct his knowledge.


The Child is a hope and a promise to the mankind – Maria Montessori

Kalpavrikshalaya is at the service of the needs of this child who is tomorrow’s society . Each child is unique and is born with a natural gift , We aim at understanding and nurturing each child’s unique core personality by helping him help himself to achieve his best potential .

Our Vision

To create a learning environment for children to explore and learn intuitively.

Our Mission

  • We nurture and develop the personality by inculcating reflective practices through a structured self discovery process.
  • We inspire inquisitiveness and celebrate individuality.
  • We empower every child with the required knowledge and attitudes to realize their potential and be successful in their endeavor

Our Values

  • Acceptance      To  accept yourself and others as a unique individual.       We strive to behold the value of acceptance and instill the same in children as it is the fundamental core value of a human being . Accepting others and most of all accepting oneself creates a sense of justice . This sense of justice creates a better world .
  • Respect – To be courteous and value every resource and their contribution .
  • Empathy -To listen and understand other’s perspective.
  • Integrity -To be truthful and accountable .
  • Resilient -To face and succeed in the ever changing environment, with a positive mindset.

Our Beliefs 

  • Every Child is gifted with unique strength and has a purpose to fulfill.
  • A fearless environment fosters deeper understanding/learning
  • First hand experience builds enduring knowledge.
  • Freedom of expression is the fundamental right for every individual.