1.How does learning happen in a Montessori environment ?

In a Montessori environment ,children learn by exploring and manipulating specially designed materials .Materials are the one of the means of development where each material teaches the child once concept at a time .The strong concrete understanding lays a foundation from which children can comprehend increasingly abstract ideas as they grow older .

2.How is the curriculum designed and how does it progress ?

The classrooms are a well prepared environment .The curricular areas contain sequential arrays of lessons to be learnt .The materials are arranged in a developmental succession .Aa children work through the sequence, they build and expand on materials and lessons already mastered .Each exercise with material challenges the child’s thinking skills and they develop qualities with which they’ll approach every future challenge.Autonomy and satisfactions are the rewards for the children in the Montessori house of children.

3.What is the role of a teacher in a child centric curriculum ?

Children work with materials at their own pace,repeating an exercise until it is mastered.The teacher is called a facilitator as he gently guides the process of learning and her goal is to inspire rather than instruct.

4.Montessori do not assign grades , then how is the child assessed ?

Children are closely observed and their progress are meticulously recorded on a weekly basis .Their readiness to move to new lessons are considered before presenting him a new lesson .A portfolio of their work is compiled to demonstrate their competence in a variety of skills.A written narrative will be provided explaining the progress in relation to his own development.

To answer why no grades , it only has temporary effects .Instead we nurture a child’s intrinsic motivation to learn,create,and do satisfying work.

5.How does my child transition to a traditional school ?

A child moving out of a Montessori school to a tradition school is likely to notice some differences .Instead of choosing his own work to explore and master,he/she might have to learn what’s on the teacher’s lesson plan .Instead of moving freely in a classroom , he/she might have to confine to his/her own seat.Instead of leaning in a classroom with a mixed-age group ,he/she has to now be only with his/her own age group . No worries, children are more adaptable .

Moreover, children become self reliant and poised after working harmoniously with other children  for so many years that they typically quickly adjust to the new ways of the traditional school . However we support each child by all means to help him/her to smoothen this transition.